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We Turn YOUR Raw Video Content Into a HIGHLY ENGAGING MASTERPIECE That Keeps Eyeballs On The Screen. Our Raving Clients Include ONLINE EDUCATORS, COACHES & GAME-CHANGERS in the PERSONAL GROWTH & FITNESS space.

And The Best Thing? We Are Fully Remote!

We work with the best

Our Clients

in-depth online courses featuring 

Robin Sharma

Author of 'Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Jon Butcher

Founder of Lifebook

Neale D. Walsch

Author of 'Conversation with God'

Jim Kwik

Celebrity Brain Performance Coach & Founder of Kwik Learning

but first…


    •  Another semi-automated DIY SaaS promising you can create “amazing” video content by yourself in a few clicks. Yeah, templates might be fun and all for short-play content such Instagram Stories or simple Facebook Ads. But try to edit 1-hour video course that educates your audience without putting them to sleep! 
    • Besides, these apps are making YOU doing the actual work. While this might be fun as a past time activity for Uncle Bob who wants to edit videos from last weekend’s fishing – it just won’t work for anyone running a REAL BUSINESS where STAYING FOCUSED ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS YOUR PRODUCT. And that’s what’s gonna decide between ‘make it’ or ‘break it’.
    • And lastly, we are not a Freelancer marketplace where you spend hours upon hours weeding through copy/paste bids from loosely curated freelancers who competes on price instead of quality. And when you finally choose the one that looks promising – get bailed on and never hear back because the other client pays $10 more… Oopsie, just when your product launch date is around the corner (or next week).

      Rinse and repeat and hope for the best!

now imagine

Having All Benefits Of YOUR OWN CREATIVE TEAM Without Pain Of Hiring One

enters neatvisuals

Your Team of Self-Managed Video Editing Ninjas

No bots, no automation.

We are old-fashioned humans who gets their hands dirty when it comes to video editing so you don’t have to.

And because we’ve been in the industry longer than we are willing to admit, we don’t just sit clueless in the corner and wait for someone’s directions to get the ball rolling.

On the contrary – not only we take the initiative, we advice clients on the best video practices! 


the way of how work is done is changing

Why hiring an in-house video editor is OUTDATED, COST-INEFFICIENT and completely UNNECESSARY

    Up until quite recently profession of video editor was nearly impossible to outsource for a very simple reason – huge file sizes.

    It was just much EASIER to have a person in office handling the edits without headache of sending bulky hard-disks by mail. Besides significant FedEx costs and HUMONGOUS TIME DELAYS there was also ever-present risk of file damage during transit – which in turn put your product launch that you were preparing for several months on into a very serious jeopardy.

    But time has changed. Dramatically.

    With HIGH-SPEED INTERNET connecting more than 4.54 billions people around the world as of January 2020 – including remote savannas of rural Africa – and STATE-OF-ART TOOLS of collaboration like Dropbox, GoogleDrive or – passing 100GB files between continents is now a matter of overnight upload.

    No risk involved.

oh…and we are boutique

Quality Over Quantity

That’s why we say NO do “one-and-done” kind of projects.

Instead, we focus only on a handful of clients at the time that we UNDERSTAND & KNOW WELL.

That in turns allows us to deliver consistently HIGH-QUALITY content in a fragment of usual time.

It’s a win-win situation!

Besides that – we really love creating MEANINGFUL & LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with our clients <3 


we use state-of-art tools

Video Feedback From Comfort Of Your Phone

No more endless email threads, no more Spreadsheets. We partnered with a leading video collaboration platform to deliver professional and smooth and breezy experience when sharing feedback

Bye-bye cluster!


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Whether you are starting out or you are ready to bring your content to the next level on a regular basis, we have something for everyone.

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