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What is Video Bumper?

And Why Do You Need It.

Video Bumper is a short visual openers mostly in form of logo animations that serve as a branded intro or outro for your online and offline video content or Keynote presentation. Logo animation absolutely BEATS still logo. Why? Because human brain naturally pays attention to motion and sound. Logo animations we make do exactly this – with YOUR logo.

How Does it Work?

And Why You Will Love it.

We love simplicity and hate too many emails. We believe that You too. To get your logo animation, all you have to do is to pick between Custom Video Bumper or Template Bumper, send us your logo on check-out and sit back – we’re taking it from here. Your animated logo will be ready in 7 Days!

Why You Should Get a Logo Animation From Us

3 Good Reasons

Video Bumper Factory - Full Logo Animation Service.

Full Service

We are NOT going to sell you a template and leave you to wonder what to do with that. We are selling a service – that means once you send your logo, WE’LL DO THE REST!

Video Bumper Factory - Free Sound design with each logo animation.

Sound Design

Every custom logo animation comes with a unique sound design at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. If you don’t like the sound design, you can replace it with your own. But we think you’ll like it. A lot.

Video Bumpers are in-house production.

Tailored To You

All custom bumpers are ORIGINAL PRODUCTION. Even if you opt for a bumper template, we will adjust all colors so it goes well with your logo.

People Love Our Logo Animations.

And So Will You!

See many more 5-Star Reviews on our original Facebook page Video Bumper Factory!

Couldn’t be more thrilled with the bumper that Mate made us! Just gave him our logo, brief overview of who we are and what we’re trying to do accomplish, and he nailed it. He was such a pleasure to work with and even went back and forth with me to get me the exact file types I needed. And he turned the job around even faster than the expected 7 days. Highly recommend! Thanks, Mate!

Meredith Chin

Marketing, LiveList

I put off having a video bumper for months, then I found Neatvisuals (former Video Bumper Factory). The website was easy to use. Mate promised to animate my logo within 7 days and got it to me ahead of time. The first version was perfect and I didn’t need to wait for a revision. I had special needs because I needed a video bumper for a law firm, and Mate got it just right. I highly recommend Mate if you need your logo animated.

Jeffrey Scott Bolender

Owner, Bolender Law Firm

VBF gave us great service and quick turn-around time. I was initially worried about working with someone on the other side of the globe, but in the end the time difference actually worked out really well for revision cycles.

I’ll definitely be working with these guys again!

Mike Lovas

Design Director, Healthcare Human Factors

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly happy I am with my bumper! I’ve already played it a hundred times and it was delivered to me 10 minutes ago. I asked for it to be expedited and it was shot straight to me pronto. Will hire again and again and again and again. Keep it up!

Kevin Daby

Online Entreprenuer

Sweet! So how do I get one?

And how much does it cost.

It all starts with your decision: would you love to have a Custom Bumper — which is an animation tailored to your logo, made from scratch — or are you good to go with one of our gorgeous Bumper Templates? Delivery time for either option is Up To 7 Days, starting from the moment you upload your logo on the Fill-Up Form page (which is the page to which you will be re-directed after successful payment). And, of course, if you are picking one of our pre-made Bumper Templates, the first step for you is looking through our gallery and selecting the bumper you like.

Animation Template
Ol'good Standard
Select from our carefully-crafted bumpers, pick the one that grabs your attention, and once we receive your logo, we will do the rest.
Up To 7 Days Delivery
Template Animation
Sound Design Provided
See Bumper Templates



7 + 1 =


Custom Video Bumper

Being original is always right choice!

You’re about three clicks away from getting your own Custom Logo Animation. Once we receive your payment, you’ll be re-directed to a designated Fill-Up page where you can upload your logo and leave us additional comments and directions.

See you on the other side!

What’s in the package

Unlimited Revisions

Feeling insecure about what you are getting? I feel you! That’s why every Custom Video Bumper comes with Unlimited Revisions for peace of your mind and 100% satisfaction.

Full HD

Every logo animation is delivered in Full HD quality (1080p) – NO questions asked, NO special charges.

Sound Design

Every logo animation comes with a unique sound design. Of course, nobody says you have to use it. What I say is I DON’T CHARGE a special price for that!


standing for Frequently Asked Questions…

How do you differ from other sites?

I’m not selling just a template, but a full service.

That means all you have to do is send me your logo, I will do the rest. Within 7 Days you will receive your animation.

There are a few sites out there that actually sell templates they didn’t create. That means they ask their customers to pay three times: once for the template (which is not even their own creation), again for some stock music (that they purchased somewhere else), and a third time for the insertion and rendering of your logo.

Video Bumper Factory does all of this in-house, which allows us to keep our prices low.

+ Sound design is always included in the price! Can you imagine going to the movies and the guys at the cinema forget to turn on the sound?

Well, that won’t ever happen to you with Video Bumper Factory! Every bumper comes with sound design.!

What is the final format of your video animations?

All logo animations are, by default, created in Full HD, which means 1920x1080p. Then we export it to the most YouTube-friendly codec mp4/H.265. But if you want to have your animation delivered in an uncompressed format or image sequence, please, don’t be shy! Tell me what you want on the Fill-Up Form and I will listen!

How can I trust that you will deliver on your promises?

For online transactions I use exclusively PayPal, which means that you (and I) are protected by the Internet’s most trusted middle man.

On your website, you sometimes refer to yourself using the plural, and other times you use the singular - is that a typo?

It’s not a typo. At the moment Video Bumper Factory is operated by a single person – Me! (not counting my amazing friends who helped me get it into shape). So, yeah, you can call it “an inconsistency in web copy” which is definitely true! But can you imagine if I used a conceited headline like “Why am I so awesome?” instead of a moderately humble “Why are we so Awesome?” So that’s why.

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